Wednesday, September 5, 2012

KC Fashion Week - Fall 2012

I've been off work for nearly a month now because of a back issue. I went to the doctor Tuesday, and he released me to go back to work next Monday. But I've been itching to get my hands on some hair... and I saw a posting that they were short of help for the Saks Fifth Ave - Off 5th show for the opening show. The posting said they needed hair and makeup artists. By the time I saw the posting all of the makeup positions were filled up but they still needed hair people. I decided this would be a dry run of how my back would do when I go back to work. I signed myself and a former student who recently graduated, Chris, up!

As any good hairdresser would do, I made sure to sanitize all my tools before heading out to an event. I always make sure to have extras of everything in case I drop something and more importantly so I'm not using the same comb on everyone (GROSS!).

I woke up earlier than usual this morning and thought that I would be ready to go... that didn't really work out so well. One of my besties, Kaitlyn, came over for coffee this morning and a haircut. We got sidetracked visiting and lost track of time. We did recover some time thanks to Kaitlyn helping me pack my bag, making me lunch, helping me pick an outfit, picking out accessories (while I did hair and makeup). Did I mention how awesome she is?? Well, she is. 

I made it out the door with 20 minutes to make it downtown and to the location. I made it but couldn't find parking!! I ended up circling the block a couple of times and pulled into a parking garage as a last resort (only ended up being $4!). I hoofed it down a couple of blocks to the location and began setting up, luckily the models weren't there yet! 

Chris and I got all set up and ready to go. We each had 5 heads to do, more if we had time or less if we didn't. The designer for the Saks show was amazing! She made sure that each model had a sheet they gave to the hair/makeup artist with the concept that she wanted, it was a great help!! 

The first model that sat down in my chair had very long, thick blonde hair. Her concept was hair down, loose/soft curls. This one took the longest to do!!

 (I think this is my favorite look)

The second model had long hair that was a little dry. Her concept was a soft slicked back ponytail with hair around the band. Pretty simple? Um, well her hair was thicker than I had thought!!

(Tried to incorporate the blonder section for visual interest in the wrap)

The third model had shorter hair, but I knew I was going to have to hit it with the flat iron (at least around the edges). Her concept was a big top knot. The hardest part was getting the underside of her to stay up because it was much shorter than the rest of her hair!

(I think she looked like a ballerina!)

The fourth model came in like an hour before the run-through, so we didn't have much time and she had to do makeup too! The makeup crew was nice enough to allow me to do her hair while they worked on her too. Anyhow, she had quite the mane that had some nice natural waves going on. Her concept was more edgy, funky, and my favorite... BIG! I was getting frustrated because I couldn't get any volume in the crown so I ended up pulling it up partially.

(Last minute creations are always so fun!)

Model five was actually one of Chris' girls, but he had to leave a little early. When he had done her hair earlier there wasn't much he could do because they didn't have the headband she was going to be wearing. Once the headband arrived I re-poofed her, flipped out the ends, and placed the headband. 

(Pretty cutesy)

I had a fabulous time with some pretty fabulous people. This was my second time participating in KC Fashion Week and as long as I'm here I plan to continue participating.
 Does your town have a fashion week??

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